Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foreclosure Assistance Making the Situation Worst

If you are on the situation wherein you need somebody to help you out with the foreclosure threat, you can always find foreclosure assistance program in your local area. But what appears to be a superhero will seems to pull you down and will end you up hopeless with the situation.

A lot of people are calling all foreclosure assistance services to an end because it is no use at all. It is making things worst and it is adding to the problem of the homeowners who are suffering the burden of the foreclosure.

The foreclosure assistance program could be very good and very promising when it comes to theory. But when it comes to helping people on the real challenge of foreclosure, all those promises end up empty. It could be because it is not properly delegated or because the process is too difficult to make the theory works in actual. Whatever the reason is, the bottomline of this is that, the foreclosure assistance program is not working and it is not effective. You better find your own way towards resolving your own foreclosure issue.

The first reason why foreclosure assistance program such as Home Affordable Modification Program or better know as HAMP is not effective is because of the paperworks. Gathering and working on the document is more painful than being evicted in your own home. But of course you know that the property is valuable, you have to find your way to complete the documents, at this stage, you are not yet sure if you are qualified for the assistance because your papers will be reviewed first.

Getting assistance could be very difficult also because of the number of people seeking for it. Because of the large numbers, the assistance program could not afford to accommodated everybody. This is I believe a failure in the end of the government because they were not able to perceive the number of people that will ask for help.

A battle against foreclosure is your own battle, and in situation like this, we simply could not afford to leave it all up to the assistance programs that may not be helpful for us.

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